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High Pressure Cleaners

Unbeatable versatility – high-pressure cleaning with Kärcher

Sweepers_13Kärcher invented the high-pressure cleaner in 1950 and has been optimising the principle of high pressure ever since. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a range of products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and its scope of applications – be it cold water or hot water units, powered by electric motor or petrol/diesel engine, mobile or stationary.
Typical features of the hot water high-pressure cleaners in the medium/super class are:

  • Versatility
  • Highly efficient cleaning
  • Service friendliness
  • Excellent user friendliness
  • Long life
  • Ecology



Cleaning livestock buildings, tractors, ploughs or fertilizer spreaders: Farm vehicles and machinery have to stand up to a lot of rough treatment in dirty conditions. Kärcher’s powerful cold water and hot water high-pressure cleaners are the number one choice for an increasing number of farmers

Automotive trade

From the bodywork to the engine compartment and chassis: Clean cars not only look better, they also sell better. And there is, of course, always something to be cleaned around the showroom, yard and workshop. A good reason for Kärcher.

Construction industry

Kärcher high-pressure cleaners quickly dispense with even the most stubborn soiling. It is not surprising that the professionals on building sites put their trust in Kärcher machines. Their rugged, corrosion-free construction and longevity are legendary.

Time-proven burner technology with new turbo fan

Kärcher burner technology not only stands for greater economy. Our hot water high-pressure cleaners are seen as trendsetters in environmental protection because of their low emissions and high efficiency.

Mobility concept

This new mobility concept, two large diameter wheels with rubber tyres and two casters, guarantees excellent manoeuvrability. Furthermore, additional equipment – defined points for handling with a forklift, lashing eyes, tilting aid – simplify loading and stowing e.g. in a service vehicle.


Machine Protector

The new machine protector is coupled to the machine and guarantees effective protection at all times. With the new RM 110 ASF and RM 111 ASF Advance machine protection products, your machine benefits from reliable protection against limescale and corrosion, including continuous maintenance of the high-pressure pump and protection against black water contamination

Advanced nozzle technology

Kärcher nozzles are also designed and built to meet the highest standards. Each one is designed specifically for use in our high-pressure cleaners.

Longlife pump technology

All the pumps used in Kärcher high-pressure cleaners are manufactured in our own factories by Kärcher specialists to guarantee high quality.

Award-winning design

Numerous Kärcher products have won awards such as the “red dot design award” and the “if product design award”: Impressive proof of the successful marriage of design and function.

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