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Wet and dry vacuum cleaners with innovative filter system

Sweepers_3In terms of suction power, Kärcher is constantly setting the standards with its innovative filter and application technology. Kärcher’s comprehensive range offers the machine to ideally suit every cleaning task in contract cleaning, the crafts and trades, commerce and industry – be it dry, damp or liquid.

TACT System
  • Kärcher offers you unique and convincing benefits with the innovative and patented TACT filter cleaning system:
  • Constant high suction power
  • Longer periods of uninterrupted operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Longlife filter medium
  • No non-productive times for cleaning or replacing the filter


Eco filter system
  • Alternate wet and dry pickup is possible without having to stop to change filters.
  • Full use is made of container capacity because filter does not project into the container.
  • High rate of dust retention as a result of large surface are of filter.
  • Convenient access to clean air side of main filter


Retainment on dust

Coarse and damp dirt falls into the container while the intake air containing fine dust passes through the high level flat pleated filter. The dust is retained in the filter.

Filter cleaning

Powerful air pulses from above effectively clean the filter. The cleaning process is triggered automatically.


Eco filter system

Like the TACT system, the Eco filter system is an innovative Kärcher development. Our vacuum cleaners are thus designed to better meet the performance and efficiency requirements of professional users.

Maintenance cleaning

Kärcher dry vacuum cleaners offer professional service providers a broad range of machines that meet the high demands of daily operation in terms of performance data, equipment and handling features.

Aisles, rows of seats, stairs

Fixed rows of seats, narrow stairways or corridors – with a Kärcher backpack vacuum you solve the problem of thoroughly cleaning all those difficult to reach areas.


Independent and mobile

Independence sometimes means everything – even when vacuuming. Kärcher therefore offers you numerous professional products for cleaning tasks where there is no convenient power outlet. Thanks to their high quality rechargeable battery technology, the units are not only flexible in their applications, but powerful too.


Kärcher industrial vacuums come with exceptionally powerful fans, high capacity containers made of corrosion resistant materials, large area filters and are also available in versions for three-phase power supplies.

Extracting dust at source

Portable electric and pneumatic tools can be quickly and simply connected to Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners (Te versions): A built-in automatic on-off switch and antistatic equipment ensure convenient operation and reliability.


Hazardous dusts

Kärcher special-purpose vacuums are designed for use in areas where dusts present a health hazard or endanger the environment. Their technology and equipment comply with the specific dust and hazard categories concerned.

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