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Carpet Cleaning Machines

Fibre-deep cleaning

Sweepers_7Cleaning professionals have come to appreciate Kärcher spray-extraction units for many areas of application: They are characterised by their robust technology, superior cleaning performance and general usability. They are ideal for fibre-deep cleaning of wall-to-wall carpeting, upholstery, vertical louvre blinds and car seats. Equipped with the right accessories, they can also be used for cleaning tiles and windows.

The principle of spray-extraction

In spray-extraction, water and detergent are sprayed onto the carpet and picked up again immediately by the vacuum nozzle. Dirt is dissolved and removed in a single pass and the low residual moisture content ensures that carpets dry quickly ready for normal use.

Cleaning in two phases

Pre-spraying is recommended if the surface is heavily soiled, e.g. final cleaning of a building prior to handover. In the first pass the cleaning agent is applied using the separate spraying function of the spray-extraction unit so that it can act for longer and dissolve the dirt. The carpet is rinsed with clean water in a second pass.

Cleaning agents

RM 760 powder, RM 760 tablets and RM 765 Mitex:

  • High efficiency as a result of deep cleaning action but also gentle on carpet fibres.
  • Spray extraction cleaners leave a pleasant smell in the ambient air.
  • Exact dosage guaranteed by popular tablet form (RM 760 tablets).


Simple maintenance (service module)

Kärcher spray-extraction cleaners are designed for easy maintenance and servicing: For example, the compact pump/fan unit can be removed in a matter of minutes.

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