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Vacuum Sweeper

Sweepers for indoors and outdoors

SweepersFrom push sweepers to industry and city cleaners. Kärcher sweepers and vacuum sweepers are built to the latest engineering standards. Designed for rugged reliability, they incorporate highly efficient sweeping and vacuum technology that leaves nothing unswept. Kärcher machines clean indoor and outdoor areas effectively and economically.

Five times faster than a broom

Sweepers_1Push sweepers are ideal in all those ­areas where cleaning has been previously performed with a brush and dustpan, e.g. for driveways, terraces, small yards, etc.

Effective on medium to large ­areas

Kärcher vacuum sweepers are available as walk-behind and ride-on models. Vacuum sweepers are recommended for applications in the trades, commerce and industry.
Ride-on machines are economic where it is necessary to clean areas of 1300 m2 or more per hour.

ICC machines for sweeping grounds and roads

Kärcher industry and city cleaners are not really sweepers, they are more like vacuum cleaners: The brushes sweep dirt and litter into the path of the suction intake which reliably collects even the coarsest dirt. This principle is used by municipalities, contract cleaners and industry for cleaning roads and outdoor areas.

Sweeping principles

Dustpan-and-brush principle
In the dustpan-and-brush principle the roller brush sweeps the dirt forwards into a container. The advantages are:

  • Reduced physical effort.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Less dust is generated


Sweeping principles

Overthrow principle
In this principle the roller brush rotates at high speed and throws the sweepings up and back into a trailing container.

  • Container is filled to 85-100 % of its capacity.
  • Wide-opening bulk waste flap allows easy pick up of larger items of litter, e.g. drink cans, stones.


Ergonomic Application System

EASY Operation

  • A simple operating principle for sweepers and scrubber-dryers
  • Applies to other machines: Once the principle is understood, all other sweepers and scrubber-dryers can be operated without additional training.
  • Easy to learn because symbols are self-explanatory and do not need to be spelled out.
  • Increased machine running times because operating errors are avoided.
  • Machine’s total service life is increased.
  • Greater efficiency due to cleaning programs which are designed for specific applications.

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