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Complete Range for Industry

Sweepers_11You manufacture, we supply the optimised cleaning system: For production shops and machines as well as for cleaning production, warehouse and transport containers – from industrual vacuum cleaners to parts cleaning machines and the new dry-ice blasting technology. Kärcher underscores its cleaning expertise in this area with innovative and time-proven complete solutions which stand up to the toughest operating conditions.

Industrial vacuums

Kärcher industrial vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for continuous-duty operation and picking up really coarse dirt in large quantities. Industrial class vacuums are substantially maintenance-free and incorporate advanced technology. The result: High productivity and low running costs.


Parts cleaners

For use in production, service and repair shops, recycling and metal-working, etc. With Kärcher parts cleaners you have an optimum method of cleaning, degreasing, removing oil and preserving parts. Without solvents; using aqueous solutions.

Dry-ice cleaning

Innovative method of blasting in which dry-ice pellets (solid carbon dioxide snow) are used as an abrasive. Particularly gentle on surfaces. Suitabe for removing binding and release agents, silicone and rubber residue, oil, grease, pitch, bitumen, dirt, ink, resin, adhesives, wax and paints, chewing gum, graffiti and much more besides.

Stationary high pressure

Be it in the food, beverages or chemical industries, stationary high-pressure cleaning systems offer decisive advantages in terms of economy and efficiency in all those areas where regular cleaning and disinfection have to be performed with high pressure.

Tank cleaning systrems

Kärcher offers its customers full support in all areas of cleaning inside tanks: From professional advice and planning to building, installing and commissioning the finished system as well as supplying technical service and cleaning agents.

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